A pretty good place to live and work

“Baßd scho”, which roughly translates as “OK” in the local dialect, might not sound like the most glowing of compliments to foreign ears, but to people from Nuremberg and Franconia it certainly sounds like a positive endorsement of the city. So if the quality of life in Nuremberg is described as “baßd scho”, you can assume that this German metropolis is in fact a pretty good place to put down roots. Indeed, Nuremberg is a diverse, vibrant and cosmopolitan city. And this partly explains how the region of Franconia made it into second place in last year’s Happiness Map when Deutsche Post carried out its survey to find Germany’s happiest region.

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Shopping, castle visits and lake excursions

Nuremberg is not just well placed from an economic perspective. It has a rich choice of cultural activities, recreation activities and events for locals and visitors alike. The city has over 400 hectares of public parks and green spaces, including its Stadtpark, Volkspark Marienberg and Dutzendteich Park. And for cooling off on warmer days, nearby lakes such as Wöhrder See or Rothsee are the perfect place to relax, while keen swimmers have a good choice of indoor and outdoor pools. Nuremberg has no shortage of sporting activities on offer either, with some 500 sports clubs offering everything from aikido to zumba.

And if you prefer to move at a more sedate pace, Nuremberg has one of Europe’s longest pedestrian zones, the perfect destination for a gentle stroll combined with a spot of retail therapy in one of the many shops or boutiques. The city’s old town is perfect for sightseeing, with Nuremberg Castle, the medieval churches and the patrician houses. Art and culture also figure prominently in Nuremberg. Alongside the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds, the State Theatre offers a broad-ranging programme. And if all of that is not enough, Nuremberg is an internationally renowned city with a regular programme of major events that attract thousands of visitors from Germany and beyond every year. Large-scale events include the Klassik-Open-Air, the Bardentreffen world music festival, The Blue Night, Silvestival and Rock im Park, which ranks alongside Rock am Ring and Southside as one of Germany's largest music festivals.

Panorama: Castle

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A safe, affordable and sunny city

As well as being spoilt for choice when it comes to leisure activities, Nuremberg also has a great track record on personal safety and affordable living. According to the German Federal Criminal Office, the City of Nuremberg had the third lowest level of crimes per head out of Germany’s 20 largest cities in 2016. In addition, the law enforcement authorities in Nuremberg have the second-highest clearance rate. And none of this comes with an excessively high price tag. According to a study carried out by the “Finanzen100” financial portal, the city of Nuremberg ranks second in the world for value for money. This study compares the living costs of the world’s major cities against the quality of life each has to offer. A fictitious basket of goods comprising food, rent and cultural activities was used as the basis for the calculation. Only the Canadian city of Ottawa ranked higher than Nuremberg.
And there’s something else that makes Nuremberg so popular, its climate. The weather in Nuremberg is typically sunny with relatively warm temperatures and comparatively little rain. According to a study carried out by the magazine “Men’s Health", Nuremberg has the second most hours of sunshine in Germany, outshone only by Freiburg im Breisgau (30-year average in hours/year).


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