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Why Nuremberg

Sustained economic prosperity and excellent future prospects make Nuremberg a highly attractive city.

Nuremberg, with half a million inhabitants, is a high-tech, industrial and innovative service location and the urban center for the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg. Gross domestic product has been rising consistently over recent years and is currently EUR 30.4 billion per annum. The number of people in work has never been higher. For centuries in this city inventive genius has met entrepreneurial spirit and creativity a solution-oriented attitude.

An excellent basis for the development of solutions for networked manufacturing, sustainable energy systems, digital health management and intelligent mobility. Application-oriented research and the intensive networking of universities and research institutions distinguish Nuremberg.

As international hub with a first-class infrastructure, Nuremberg is right at the center of the markets. Discover excellent conditions for trade.

The city has continued to develop its trade routes as well as its historic leading edge as a center of knowledge and trade. Today, state-of-the-art hubs and trans-European transportation networks are paving the road to the future. Exceptional connections support the development of Nuremberg as an important location of economic activity.

Knowledge is the most valuable raw material. You will find unique sources in Nuremberg.

Application-oriented research and strong interdisciplinary communication between universities and research institutions characterize Nuremberg as a base of scientific knowledge. The City of Nuremberg and its surroundings are home to 30 universities with more than 150,000 students – ideal conditions for getting future markets moving

Everyone has their own ideas of quality of life. Nuremberg offers you some very attractive ones.

Anyone who appreciates a creative society and lively districts is spot-on in Nuremberg. People here enjoy the advantages of a modern metropolis. Companies value the outstanding innovative ecosystem and the perfect connections. It is exactly this blend of history, architecture, culture, tradition and innovation that makes up the energy of the city – new future-oriented thinking that is still conscious of tradition.

The result: Nuremberg combines substantial business potential with a high quality of life – the best prospects for turning opportunities into success.

New ideas are the foundation of all innovation. Through open dialogue and hands-on support, Nuremberg provides the finishing touch your organization requires to turn opportunity into success.

Nuremberg is well on the way to becoming the innovation capital of the future.

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