Artisans’ Yard

A unique experience awaits you in the Artisans’ Yard. Get a glimpse over the master craftsmen’s shoulders, whether at the goldsmith’s, the pewterer’s, in the potter’s workshop, very special products are made here. Take time to experience the skills of the poker work artist as she decorates wooden signs. Have a look at the leatherworker’s and “experience” the scent of real leather, before marvelling at the tin toys from Nuremberg companies in the shop next door.

And, of course, any amount of culinary delights is in store for you: the seductive aroma of roasted Nuremberg sausages and freshly baked spicy gingerbread wafts through the lanes. And taverns with exceptional Franconian beer and wine specialities invite you to come in and stay a while.

The half-timbered houses are a popular motif for photographs taken by visitors from all over the globe: in the babble of languages you may hear Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Italian … And the Artisans’ Yard is an excellent intermediate stop, just a few steps away from the nearby main railway station. While outside traffic rushes past, inside the old walls the atmosphere is much cosier. Many passers-by take a little rest on one of the benches or enjoy a drink of Franconian beer in one of the friendly inns …

Get ready for some time travel and step in!

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