European Capital of Culture 2025. We are bidding!

We want to become European Capital of Culture 2025 and be the centre of European cultural life for one year. Together with citizens, artists, culture creators and guests from around the world, we wish to shape an unforgettable year from which Nuremberg and the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region will lastingly profit and that invigorates all of Europe.

The Capital of Culture in the year 2025 should be compatible with the city and is an opportunity for us to shape our future together.

Watch a video of a N2025-workshop, where Nuremberg's citizens met to discuss:

At a glance: European Capital of Culture

  • The European Union (EU) has granted the designation of European Capital of Culture since 1985. The title is always valid for one year.
  • The designation aims to highlight the richness and diversity of cultures in Europe. It celebrates the cultural features Europeans share.
  • Every year there are two Capitals of Culture: one in a new Member State and one in an old Member State. In 2025, Germany and Slovenia will be up for their turn.
  • A Capital of Culture is always a popular travel destination. It is the focus of international reporting.
  • The citizens benefit from the projects initiated, which spur on urban development and culture and improve the image of a city.
  • Formally, only cities can apply, not entire regions, but the bidding city may include its surrounding area in its application. Nuremberg and the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region are already in close communications.
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