Renaturation Measures

The Environmental Department is in charge of numerous projects, and it initiates and implements many project ideas. One of its the major areas of activity is the local “Agenda 21”. Meanwhile, the “Agenda 21” office has taken on the organisation and management of over 50 projects, and it has become the point of contact for interested citizens and has coordinated the overall process.

As “Organic Metropolis” Nuremberg is committed to purposefully support organic food and organic companies. This includes activities such as the “Organic Lunch Box Drive” for first-formers, and the annual event “Bio Experience” on the Nuremberg main market square. The project “Nuremberg – Intelligent Mobility” is aiming at an environmentally friendly mix of various traffic modes. Effective publicity measures point out alternatives to using cars. The first Nuremberg Sustainability Report gives an overview of sustainability in all areas of life, while pointing out fields where action is needed.

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