Admission of refugees

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On September 30th in 2015, in its resolution on the admission of refugees in Nuremberg, the City Council reiterated that the city of Nuremberg intends to promote and support the integration of refugees and asylum seekers as best as possible. The Administration developped and submitted an appropriate package of measures.

The package of measures is structured along the following lines of integration.

1. Language acquisition, initial social orientation and conveying values
2. Education
3. Jobs and labour market
4. Housing
5. Registration system, securing a livelihood, social services, health care provision
6. Leisure, sports, culture
7. Volunteering, social diversity and communication
8. Cross-sectional responsibilities

By 31 December 2016, within the city of Nuremberg, 8,240 persons were registered as asylum seekers or refugees or as unaccompanied minors. They were housed in about 192 shared living quarters. Within these are 15 state shared accommodation facilities and annexes to Zindorf’s state initial reception centre. Around 240 unaccompanied minors were accommodated in initial reception centres, clearing centres and annexes offered by various providers within the metropolitan area. As at February 2017, the refugees’ main countries of origin were Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia and Iran.

The overall internal administrative coordination of integrating refugees is managed as a project led by the mayor's office in regular consultation with the cross-sectional committees of departmental heads (decision) and the trans-divisional coordination group for integration (preparation / consultation).

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