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General Information for Guests with Disabilities


There are four parking spaces for people with disabilities right in front of the main entrance to the Great Hall (“Grosser Saal”). They ensure barrier-free access to all our events.
There are two more parking spaces for people with disabilities, one in our car park at “Schultheissaallee” and the other next to the entrance to our conference rooms and the Small Hall (“Kleiner Saal”).
Our event rooms are mostly situated on the ground floor and therefore easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Seats for Wheelchair Users

Please note that due to legal requirements, the placement of seats for wheelchair users is only permitted in the immediate vicinity of the hall doors. For safety reasons, we are not permitted to offer seats for wheelchair users in the centre of our halls and in the gallery. The seats in the gallery, as well as conference rooms 3, 4, 8 and 9 are not accessible for wheelchair users.


You can find restrooms suitable for people with disabilities in the entrance hall of the Great Hall (“Grosser Saal”) as well as in the entrance hall of the Small Hall (“Kleiner Saal”). Service or security personnel will provide information, if needed.

Hearing Aid Users

Thanks to our audio induction loop system which covers various areas of the Great Hall (“Grosser Saal”), the needs of hearing aid users can be accommodated.
For more details, please see hall layout showing the exact coverage of our induction loop and an additional information sheet explaining how the system works (only available in German). If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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