Celebrating an Holding Conventions in the Green Heart of Nuremberg


Nuremberg has served as a dynamic hub for people for as far back as the Middle Ages. Thanks to its prime location at the junction of important trade routes, Nuremberg established itself as a centre of commerce and trading, attracting educated people from all over, including researchers, poets and artists. Even the Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire chose this idyllic city as one of their favoured whereabouts when traveling.
Among the long list of renowned sons and daughters of the City of Nuremberg are names like Albrecht Dürer, Hans Sachs, Peter Heinlein and many more.

Nuremberg’s role has changed only little over time and it still attracts famous scientists and artists. The city is home to a considerable number of museums and to some of the most prestigious universities in Germany.

The City of Nuremberg, along with the cities of Erlangen, Fuerth and Schwabach, forms the economical and cultural centre of the Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg, a region with more than 3,5 million inhabitants.

Central but close to nature

The Meistersingerhalle is located right in the heart of the city, surrounded by the picturesque scenery of the park “Luitpoldhain”.
The name “Meistersingerhalle” derives from the “Meistersinger von Nuernberg” or “Mastersingers of Nuremberg”, professional poets and singers and members of a German guild for lyric poetry, composition and unaccompanied art songs of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Its name indicates its purpose: the Meistersingerhalle is determined to continue and uphold the long cultural tradition inherited by Nuremberg.

Listed as a protected historic monument the Meistersingerhalle nonetheless provides the stage for no less than 800 events with more than 340.000 visitors per year.

We would be glad to welcome you as one of our guests as well.

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