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Nuremberg’s river cruise terminal open for business

Nuremberg’s cruise terminal is an important hub for international trade. Now, with the transformation of the Europakai to form a brand new quay with ten berths, it has become an attractive mooring point for passenger boats too. The development is the City of Nuremberg's response to a booming river-cruise market, further expanding its significance as a centre for tourism.

Ein Schiff am Personenschifffahrtshafen Nürnberg

Albrecht Dürer welcomes seafarers!

In the mid-1990s around 85 river cruise ships moored in Nuremberg every year, bringing approximately 10,000 tourists. By 2006, this had risen to 439 moorings and close to 53,000 passengers. And this trend has continued, as the city's harbour welcomed an all-time record number of vessels in 2016. River cruise ships docked at the harbour 1,100 times, even in 2017 more than 1,000 times. There are currently more than 60 shipping companies operating more than 130 boats through Nuremberg’s cruise terminal, bringing visitors - an average of 135 per boat - from across the world to Nuremberg for retail therapy and sightseeing.

Graffiti am neu gestalteten Personenschifffahrtshafen Nürnberg

Passenger cruise terminal officially inaugurated

The increase in river cruise activity is also due, not least, to the thorough harbour facilities modernisation programme agreed by the city authorities back in 2011. Work began on the construction of a quay wall before the end of that year. The quayside development continued from 2013 to 2015 with the installation of the ten berths and associated technical infrastructure. Redevelopment measures were concluded during the first half of 2016 with the landscaping of the site. Renaturisation work was also carried out, including the creation of the artificial “Schwarzenteich” lake. Ships can now moor at one of the ten berths along the 1,400 metre facility, all with access to electricity and water. It doesn’t take long for the port to make an impression on new arrivals: as they are greeted by an iconic self-portrait of Albrecht Dürer. Graffiti artwork by Julian Vogel features the famous portrait, which is turned on its side and depicts the painter with a paper boat in his hand. Passengers lying in their cabins as they pull into Nuremberg feel as if Dürer himself is welcoming them to Nuremberg.


Nuremberg’s port - driving business on land, on the water, and in the skies

Passenger cruises have now also become a strong source of commercial activity, alongside the bayernhafen Nürnberg freight traffic centre, which is now the most important goods transport and logistics centre in southern Germany and a key pillar of the Nuremberg economy with 200 companies employing some 6,700 staff. More than 130,000 people now visit Nuremberg every year, and they bring their wallets with them. Tourists spent around € 4 million in the Franconian capital during 2017. Other areas of the economy benefit too. The vessels moored in Nuremberg will need to be serviced, and they will also require provisions. For its part, the hotel industry benefits from overnight stays for cruise passengers who join or end their river cruise in the city. Meanwhile, cruise passengers may well go on to become airline passengers, generating additional business for Nuremberg’s Albrecht Dürer Airport Cruise enthusiasts and boat lovers can keep track of the busy schedule at Nuremberg port here with full details of all arrivals and departures.

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