Cultural and creative industries

Comprising eleven sub-markets – music, books, the arts, film, broadcasting, the performing arts, design, architecture and the press (the “cultural industry”) as well as advertising, and software and games (the “creative industry”) – in many respects the cultural and creative industries are key economic factors in Nuremberg.

The Nuremberg Metropolitan Region aims to become a Home to the Creative.

The 2010 Report about the Cultural and Creative Industries in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region for the first time included all of the key facts concerning these industries, identified creative potential and gave recommendations for action. A particular challenge will be adapting these measures to the specific needs of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that mainly make up this segment.

In addition to the segment’s own economic performance and the multiplying effects it has on other business sectors, intangible values play a crucial role.

Besides ecology, culture is one of the decisive factors influencing the quality of life in our economic area and adding to the region’s identity.

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