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Facts and Figures - Business Location Nuremberg

As one of the largest economic regions in Germany, Nuremberg offers substantial potential and a wealth of opportunities. The area maintains a lively start-up sector as well as a wealth of global players and hidden champions in all of the high-tech and industrial sectors, dynamic service providers, sustainable production sites and small enterprises.

Marked by positive trends, Nuremberg provides a heterogeneous and stable economic structure to a balanced mix of more than 25,000 companies.

Growing economic sectors of Nuremberg

As an economic region, Nuremberg has succeeded in meeting the demands of global markets with key future-oriented technologies. The strengths of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg lie in the IT, transportation, automation, medical, healthcare, energy and environmental industries.

Technology-driven services and the cultural and creative sectors are becoming more and more relevant. Competences in key cross-sectional technologies including digitalisation, embedded systems and power electronics provide new impetus for innovation across industries.

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Information and communication technology

Broadband communication systems and optical transmission, software solutions for companies, especially Open Source and automation solutions, mobile radio solutions, satellite navigation, media.


Transportation and Logistics

Developed in the Metropolitan Region Nuremberg: Innovative transportation technology, mobility systems and logistics. Expertise in drive engineering, vehicle electronics and drive electrification



Nuremberg is a major R&D and technology location in the energy sector. 16,500 employees in
1,250 companies work in the energy industry in Nuremberg.


Innovative Services

33% of the economic performance delivered in
Nuremberg is based on business-related
services as well as financial, insurance and
real estate, for example, JOSEPHS Open Lab where
innovative ideas for future services and
products are developed. Further is Nuremberg by far the no. 1 location for market research in Germany.

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Medicine and health

The concentration of manufacturers, medical research and educational institutions, clinics and service agencies is unique in Germany and has gained the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region the epithet of a Bavarian “Medical Valley” in the field of medicine and health care.

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