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Labor in einem Krankenhaus

The concentration of manufacturers, medical research and educational institutions, clinics and service agencies is unique in Germany and has gained the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region the epithet of a Bavarian “Medical Valley” in the field of medicine and health care. That is why the Bavarian Department of Commerce established the Medical Technology Cluster in the region.

Around 250 medium-sized companies, as well as local global players like Siemens Healthcare and Novartis Pharma employ more than 70,000 people in the region. Almost every fourth employee works in the area of health and medicine. Siemens Healthcare, which employs around 6,300 people in the region, manufactures the most modern medical apparatus, like magnetic resonance tomographs and systems for diagnosis and therapy. Successful mediumsized companies like the Nuremberg firm GfE, Ziehm Imaging or Nutrichem of Roth complete the picture.

Research and clinic landscape

Medicine and health care are supported by sturdy pillars. The medical faculty of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg is among the most respected in Germany, maintaining a whole range of research partnerships with extramural institutions and in this regard also, it occupies a top position amongst German universities. Unique in Bavaria is the close cooperation with the technical faculty and scientific institutions.

Pharmaceutics and hospital management

Other important spheres of activity are pharmaceutics and hospital
management. The University Hospital of Erlangen with its 42 clinics, institutes and departments is internationally acclaimed. The latest findings in medical research and the most up-to-date apparatus are applied in diagnosis and therapy. Patients from all over the world benefit from methods of therapy that are often not yet available in other clinics.

Nuremberg Hospital boasts 36 clinics and institutes and is thus one of the largest in Europe with a maximum of specialized care. Foreign patients travel from far afield to avail themselves of the services of the hospital, also enjoying its pleasant atmosphere.


Extensive networking of the various players in research, development,
science, production and services promotes the development
and marketability of new products and processes in the health
field. Important facilitators for an efficient transfer of knowledge
are the Bavarian Medical Valley Association, the regional initiative
Medicine-Pharmacology-Health (KIMPG) and the Association
MedTech Pharma Forum. Start-up centers like the Center for
Innovation and New Companies (IGZ) and the Center for Innovation
in Medical Technology and Pharmaceutics (IZMP) are successful
springboards for young businesses.

City of Nuremberg
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