Organisation Structure

As the principle of democracy is a core value in the Alliance against Right-wing Extremism, the network is organised accordingly, in the following organisation structure:

General Assembly

All key decisions are made at the annual meeting of the members of the Alliance.

Coordinating Board

At the very beginning a Coordinating Board has been set up with full responsibility for the operation of the network. Each member of the Coordinating Board is to represent a given sector of the membership to guarantee democratic control over decisions, to share best practices and experiences in order to build common knowledge.

The Coordinating Board comprises of the Managing Board, a maximum of 20 representatives of members and the office. The body is elected for 2 years. The current body was elected by the General Assembly in November 2013, in Erlangen.

The Coordinating Board has the following tasks:

- developing the strategy and main operations objective of the Alliance;
- monitoring and interpreting the activities of right-wing extremist organisations;
- preparing a wide-range of projects as well as the yearly General Assembly;
- implementing the resolution of the General Assembly.

Managing Board

The Managing Board comprises of 1 chairperson and 4 deputy-chairpersons, representing the sectors of economy, religion, labour union, local authority (municipal administration) and civil society. The Board is elected for 2 years.

They represent the association in and out of court.

Office of the Alliance

The Office, responsible for the administrative support of the Alliance, is provided by the Human Rights Office of Nuremberg.

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