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“No Place for Racism!”

Events like concerts, club and music events, training courses and other informal gatherings form crucial part of the strategies of right-wing extremist groups in order to spread their inhuman and contemptuous ideology and to gain new followers. This trend has been intensifying in the past few months not only in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region but in other parts of Germany as well.

An increasing number of pubs, club houses, halls and meeting rooms are willing to provide venues for events of the National Democratic Party of Germany and other neo-nazi organisations. Neo-nazi groups, parties and civic initiatives are hiring halls in restaurants or hotels to organise their general assemblies and a wide variety of club events. For this reason, gastronomes do have a huge responsibility in making the decision, to which organizations they rent their event venues. However, the real background and aim of the events often stay in shadow in front of the owner or the tenant. These events are usually referred to as club events, anniversaries, birthday- or wedding parties. In this manner the organisers would like to avoid the possibility of refusing the rent and to avoid public demonstrations.

The main target audience, youngsters are to be attracted and influenced by charismatic speeches, rock concerts and stand-ups of right-wing songwriters. The aim is to recruit new members and bind them as new comrades to their wave of inhuman ideology.


Gastro brochure

The Coordinating Board of the Alliance against Right-Wing Extremism has composed and published a brochure in order to help hoteliers and gastronomes detect and handle the above mentioned phenomena. This brochure contains an overview of right-wing extremist structures, associations and key players in the Metropolitan Region. It includes strategic assistance as regards renting halls and rooms as well as legal and practical advices for concrete situations and questions. In the meantime there is also a possibility to gain further information and to consult with experts to prevent the expansion of right-wing activists in the gastronomy in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

The Council of Integration and Immigration in Nuremberg also wanted to contribute to the initiative, therefore provided extra stickers to it. Both print materials are available at the Office of the Alliance, residing in the Human Rights Office of Nuremberg.

Gastro brochure

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