Ten Point Action Plan

Basis for the activities of the „European Coalition of Cities Against Racism“ is provided by the „Ten-Point-Plan of Action“, which was adopted in Nuremberg.

The Action Plan is intended to support the member cities in their struggle against racism and discrimination, help them to set priorities, optimise their strategies and intensify their co-operation. The Action Plan defines ten central fields of action, supplemented each by several concrete examples for municipal measures and activities:

  1. Greater Vigilance Against Racism
  2. Assessing Racism and Discrimination and Monitoring Municipal Policies
  3. Better Support for the Victims of Racism, Discrimination
  4. More Participation and Better Informed City Dwellers
  5. The City as an Active Supporter of Equal Opportunity Practices
  6. The City As An Equal Opportunities Employer and Service Provider
  7. Fair Access to Housing
  8. Challenging Racism and Discrimination Through Education
  9. Promoting Cultural Diversity
  10. Hate Crimes and Conflicts Management

It is up to the individual member cities to decide which fields need action in their city.

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