Coronavirus – other languages

Informationen zur Corona-Impfung in anderen Sprachen

(Information about COVID-19 vaccination in other languages)


The SportService of the City of Nuremberg in cooperation with regional sports-partners launched a video campaign to promote the vaccination against the corona virus. Watch here, what regional athletes have to say about the vaccination.


This publication of the City of Nuremburg provides you with general information about the vaccination against the corona virus. It is available in 17 different languagues:

Afghanisch-Paschto (Afghan-Pashto)

Arabisch (Arabic)

Bulgarisch (Bulgarian)

Englisch (English)

Französisch (French)

Griechisch (Greek)

Italienisch (Italian)

Kroatisch (Croatian)

Kurdisch-Bahdini (Kurdish-Bahdini)

Kurdisch-Kurmandschi (Kurdish-Kurmandji)

Kurdisch-Sorani (Kurdish-Sorani)

Oromo (Oromo)

Persisch-Farsi (Persian-Farsi)

Polnisch (Polish)

Rumänisch (Romanian)

Russisch (Russian)

Türkisch (Turkish)

Ukrainisch (Ukrainian)

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