Specialist Sections

Lab for environmental analysis

The City of Nuremberg Environmental Department is responsible for all environmental and health issues. It also comprises the Environmental Office and the Public Health Department, as well as the city-owned subsidiaries, ASN (waste management company) and SUN (waste water management and environmental analysis company).

Environmental Office

The Environmental Office is in charge of precautionary environmental protection, landscape planning and waste management, as well as of emission control, and water and climate protection. In addition, the office takes care of a great variety of nature protection tasks and plays the role of the Lower Nature Protection Agency. In the early days, the main focus was on the removal of environmental burdens and nature protection within the city. Meanwhile, the tasks have become more varied. Precautionary measures and measures preventing the need for later elaborate repairs have become more important. The Environmental Office communicates environmental information and contributes an environmental protection perspective to any municipal development project. Since 2003, the on-going process of change has been monitored with a quality management system.

Public Health Department

The Public Health Department has the task of protecting and promoting human health. The focus is on the public health approach with activities geared to the urban sphere and with counselling programmes. Today, the promotion of children’s and young people’s health is particularly important: both the dental health service and the advice centre for developmental disorders have become important points of contact. The Public Health Department co-operates closely with social welfare, educational and environmental institutions, as well as with the Klinikum Nürnberg (Nuremberg Municipal Clinic).

ASN (Nuremberg waste management company)

The tasks of the ASN, a city-owned subsidiary company established in 1999, comprise waste management, running the landfill and waste incineration plant, collection of residual waste, organic waste and bulky waste, running the garden waste collection centres and the recycling yards, as well as collection of hazardous waste and waste counselling. Since 2002, the ASN has been independently running its own waste incineration plant to state-of-the-art technical and ecological standards. This plant is an essential element of Nuremberg’s integrated waste management system. The energy generated by the incineration is used for power generation and district heating. The energy generated corresponds to about 68,000 tons of coal per year, making a considerable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

SUN (Nuremberg waste water management and environmental analysis company)

The city-owned subsidiary company SUN, established in 2006, comprises two sections: municipal waste water management and environmental analysis. Staff members of the waste water management section look after waste water collection in the city area, and waste water treatment in two large treatment plants. The result is a good water quality in Nuremberg’s rivers. Staff members of the environmental analysis section carry out tests on water, waste water, soil and air, as well as analysing technical products for municipal departments, private sector companies and private persons. They give advice concerning environmental quality and pollution load, and draw up expert reports.

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