For quite some time, sustainability has been a focus for the City of Nuremberg. The start of the Nuremberg “Agenda 21” in 1997 can be seen as the beginning of the on-going sustainability process. In 2001, the City concluded a sustainability pact with regional companies, and since 2003, has presented annual awards for sustainable economic management.

In 2004, the City Council adopted the general resolution “Being more – City of Nuremberg Commitment to Sustainability”, and in 2005, this was followed by a comprehensive Nuremberg catalogue of sustainability indicators.

Sustainable Nuremberg

In October 2009, based on this catalogue, the Environmental Department published the first City of Nuremberg Sustainability Report. This comprises three sections:

  • ecological sustainability
  • solidarity-based urban society
  • sustainable economic management

It documented the development towards increased sustainability between 2005 and 2008, with numerous graphs, tables and facts.

Sustainability Monitoring

Currently, a monitoring system across all municipal departments is being established for further documentation and evaluation of the sustainability process in Nuremberg.


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