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Nuremberg – the call center location

Nuremberg – the call center location

With more than 12,000 employees in the region, Nuremberg is currently Bavaria’s no. 1 call center location.

Ideal location conditions in Nuremberg

Qualified personnel, the latest technical infrastructure, attractive commercial locations, a broad IT environment and good transport connections create ideal location conditions for call centers in Nuremberg.

With 500,000 inhabitants, Nuremberg is the business, service and cultural center of the Metropolitan Region, in which some 3.5 million people live, including 1.8 million employed persons and 90,000 students.

Nuremberg combines high quality of life with a low cost of living.

Customer Quality Network Nuremberg (CQN)

CQN offers call centers an opportunity for networking. More than 60 companies are meanwhile involved in this network, in which expert groups deal with important matters like personnel development, personnel recruitment and selected technical issues like speech dialogue systems.

Call and service centers in Nuremberg and the region

Many other call centers already settled in the city and region show that Nuremberg is an attractive location.

These include:

ADAC Nordbayern e.V., Adidas-Salomon AG,, Apotheker Walter Bouhon, Apollo-Optik, Barmer Ersatzkasse, Bi-LOG, Call Center Service, NCC - Nürnberger Communication Center, Commerzbank AG, Cortal Consors, DATEV eG, defacto Call Center, Electrolux Service, First Data International, geobra Brandstätter, GfK,, H&M, icon brand navigation, ING DiBa, intertel, IS Industrial Services, IZB - Informatik Zentrum, JURA Elektrogeräte, KarstadtQuelle Versicherungen AG, MN Medizinische Netzwerke, M'net Telekommunikations, Müller Medien, multiphone, N-ERGIE, o2, Phocus Direct Communications, Profectis, PUMA, Quelle, Quelle Bausparkasse, sales and more, Sales Plus, Sellbytel, Siemens, Siemens Building Technologies, Sparkasse Fürth, Sparkasse Mittelfranken Süd, Telekom, Teleperformance, Theater Nürnberg Service, VICTORIA Versicherungen, Wenatex


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