Photographs and Editorial TV Segments

For photographs and TV segments, Nuremberg offers historical and modern backdrops, both lively locations and quiet corners.

Recordings in the Public Domain

(Municipal) buildings located on public streets and squares may be photographed or filmed and images multiplied „by means of painting or graphics, in photographs and on film“. This „freedom of panorama“ is enshrined in German copyright law. Public pathways, streets and squares are defined as locations which are freely accessible to everybody.

Any recordings which do not require superstructures, road closures, or special use of areas do not require a permission. If streets, pedestrian areas and park areas are affected, permission will be required.

Filming with Model Aircraft or Unmanned Aviation Systems („Drones“)

Authorisation by Aviation Authorities Necessary

Under certain conditions, according to § 16 Luftverkehrsordnung (German Aviation Regulations), model aeroplanes (model aircraft) and unmanned aviation systems may only be operated with authorisation from the aviation authorities (Air Traffic Authority Northern Bavaria).

Clearance from Air Traffic Control

For large parts of the Nuremberg City area, previous clearance from the air traffic control authority (Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH) is also required.

Special Use Permits

If the take-off and/or landing of a model aircraft (aircraft of up to 5 kg overall mass without combustion engine which is exclusively operated for sports or leisure purposes and with which the operator takes exclusively photographic and video recordings merely for private use) or of an unmanned aviation system (aircraft with over 5 kg overall mass or with combustion engine whose operation serves another purpose than the one described above) takes place from public grounds within the Nuremberg City boundaries, a special use permit for temporary use must be applied for.

Regardless of the type of use (leisure or commercial), operation of a drone is subject to compulsory insurance. When operating a drone, the operator must carry a certificate of third party liability insurance.

Declaration of Consent of Site Owners

Prior to any take-off and/or landing, the consent of the site owner must always be obtained.

Recordings inside City of Nuremberg Buildings

When recording in closed rooms or in enclosed areas, permission must be requested from the relevant „landlord“. For City of Nuremberg buildings, the Press and Information Office can broker contact with the various departments and institutions, as well as assisting in research for motifs.

Important Note:

The Imperial Castle is not owned by the City of Nuremberg, but by the Bavarian Administration of Castles. Request for permission to record in the Imperial Castle should therefore be made directly to the Administration’s Nuremberg branch: Tel: +49(0)911 - 24 46 59-0.

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