Permission to Film

Filming at Municipal Premises

Permission to film at municipal premises must be obtained from the department administering the premises. For premises owned by the city, but not used by municipal departments or institutions, the relevant contact is the „Liegenschaftsamt“ (City’s Real Estate Office).

Filming in Public Spaces

You do not need permission to film with mobile cameras (or tripod). If filming affects public transport areas, pedestrian areas or green spaces (due to built structures, closures, dollied filming etc.), permission to film must be obtained from Servicebetrieb Öffentlicher Raum (Sör – City Service Company for the Public Domain).

You should submit your application at least 7 days before the start of filming. When it is necessary to commission services from third parties, e.g. for road closures, the cost of these services must be born by the production company.

Please note:

Please send the completed form via e-mail to or fax it to +49 911/ 2 31 - 79 44.

If you want to take vehicles into pedestrian precincts or park in no-waiting zones, you need to apply to Sör for an individual exception permit.

Sör is responsible for liaising with the police, the fire brigade and the municipal public order office. For filming in pedestrian precincts and public green spaces, the events office of the municipal real estate office will also be involved.

Information about Events and Closures in the City Area

The events services office of the municipal real estate office can provide information about events or closures in the city area during your filming period.

City of Nuremberg

Real Estate Office

Äußere Laufer Gasse 29

90403 Nürnberg

Stefan Bauer

Service Office Events

Telephone +49(0)911 / 231 - 29 87 or 75 00

To encoded transmission of your message:

Filming in the Imperial Castle

The Imperial Castle is owned by the Free State of Bavaria, and is under the administration of the Bavarian Administration of Castles. Permission to film in the Imperial Castle must therefore be obtained from the Castle Administration in Nuremberg.

Bavarian Administration of Castles

Nuremberg Imperial Castle

Telephone +49(0)911 / 24 46 59-0


Filming with Children

If you want to employ minors, you need a special permit. The granting authority is the Trade Supervisory Board of the Government of Middle Franconia, Nuremberg Subsidiary Office.

Trade Supervisory Board of the Government of Middle Franconia

Nuremberg Subsidiary

Roonstraße 20

90429 Nürnberg

Telephone +49(0)911 / 92 828 - 89, - 91

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