Round Table

The Round Table Human Rights

The Round Table Human Rights is an independent and non-party-political association founded in 1997 at the instigation of the municipal human rights office. It comprises representatives of the municipal administration, the churches and independent human rights organisations in Nuremberg. It aims at promoting human rights principles and making the population more sensitive to human rights issues.


The Round Table Human Rights holds meetings at regular intervals, and provides the institutions and groups involved with a forum for sharing information and experiences. It promotes co-operation and co-ordinates common projects and activities. It furthermore understands itself as a contact for all cases of human rights issues in the city and in cases of conflict acts as a mediator.


Members are exclusively local institutions and organisations whose main focus is on human rights work. The following groups are members of the Round Table Human Rights:

- Citizens' Movement for Human Dignity Middle Franconia
- Inner City Church Congregations' Working Group for Asylum Issues
- Medical Aid for Refugees Association

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