Nuremberg Award for Company Culture without Discrimination

For many years, the City of Nuremberg and its citizens have been making major efforts to realize human rights at a local level, too, and thus honor the City's self-commitment to be a city of peace and human rights. They pay particular attention to the struggle against racism and discrimination in all walks of life and in all work situations. Business companies in particular can make many and varied contributions to a culture of human rights. This comprises all sorts of strategies from the employment of migrants and equal opportunity strategies, via safeguarding workers' representative participation right through to compliance with working norms, for example the ban of forced labor and child labor in foreign supply companies.

In order to underline the major importance of business companies and to emphasize their role as models, the City of Nuremberg presents the "Nuremberg Award for Company Culture without Discrimination" every two years, starting with the first award in 2010.

The award is intended to honor local companies which are committed to the protection of the dignity and rights of all their staff and to supporting the City in its activities against racism and discrimination, beyond the scope stipulated by legal norms. The presentation of the award is linked to the Nuremberg Peace Banquet in September. The award consists of an award sculpture and a certificate.

Prize-Winner 2016

The jury of the “Nuremberg Prize for a Discrimination-free Business Culture” unanimously decided on June 16, 2016 to offer the award to the Nuremberg company glore Handels GmbH.

Oberbürgermeister mit Preisträger auf der Preisverleihung für

During the peace banquet in the Historic City Hall, Lord Mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly presented the award to Bernd Hausmann, the owner of the company "glore".

Foundation of the jury

„fast fashion“ means cheap and easy mass-produced articles in the textile trade, however today there are many alternatives. There are only a few companies in the region selling products with an ethnic claim, as being fairly produced and ecologically sustainable.

Glore sympbolizes globally responsible fashion and they only sell fair products which are produced in harmony with man and nature. The mission statement of the CEO is to respect the people producing the textiles and to protect the nature which supplies us with material. This principle is respected in the whole value chain, from the cultivation of materials, to the further processing and the final result. Ecological and sustainable fashion is not only a PR or marketing strategy for glore, it is a transparent overall concept.

To protect these standards, glore takes care in the selection of the products and brands. They are all certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which controls the ecological cultivation of the raw materials as well as the environmentally, eco-friendly and free of pollutants processing of the textiles. Furthermore there are other seals as Fair Wear Foundation and Fairtrade, which ensure high social standards in the fabrication and guarantee transparency for customers.

That this concept is sustainable and competitive is proved by the opening of six stores in other cities after the start up of the first “glore” shop in Nuremberg in 2006.

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