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The Human Rights Office offers advice on the design of projects and special teaching modules about specific human rights topics, such as children’s and women’s rights, as well as providing supporting materials.

Some grammar schools have introduced a human rights topic into the newly created practical seminars (P Seminars) and scientific seminars (W Seminars). The Human Rights Office offers introductory seminars for these groups, as well as assistance for in-depth treatment for special topics, both for teachers and students.

By invitation of the Human Rights Office, human rights activists from home and abroad come to Nuremberg for congresses and events. Authentic reports from their countries or on special subjects can make a significant contribution to human rights education in school classes. Please get in touch, if you are interested in receiving a visit from our guests to your school.

We are very much interested in involving school classes and groups directly in events on human rights topics. For example, every year a different school class takes on the organisation of the Holocaust Memorial Day event on 27 January. The programme for the Peace Table is also enriched by the ideas and help of young people.

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