Peace Banquet 1999

Peace and understanding between peoples was the motto for the last weekend in September 1999. The 350th anniversary of the "Nuremberg Peace Banquet" and the third presentation of the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award were reason enough to begin celebrations for the City of Nuremberg's 950th anniversary, in the year 2000, a little earlier, in September 1999. One of the highlights of the festive events was a ceremony in the Historic City Hall remembering an important historic event which, 350 years ago, had been celebrated to express a desire for peace after the end of the Thirty Years' War. This look back at a milestone in Nuremberg's history was of major symbolic value, allowing the city to underline its firm intention to live up to its historic responsibility now and in the future.

A Message of Peace and Understanding between Peoples

180 guests of honour from all over the world, among them Queen Silvia of Sweden, and other representatives of countries involved in the Nuremberg Peace Congress of 1649/1650, followed the City's invitation to this peace banquet, and during this festive dinner helped remember the major importance of the peace treaties negotiated 350 years before. Even though the hopes cherished in the past for "an everlasting peace" were not fulfilled, the present day peace banquet was to radiate a message of peace and friendship, of understanding between peoples and of humanity.

Peace Banquet Continued With New Concept

The response to the peace banquet was overwhelming. Nuremberg City Council therefore decided to continue this event, giving it a new concept and focusing it on the goal of giving the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award longer-lasting support. The Peace Banquet is now held regularly every two years, in the years between the presentations of the Human Rights Award. It is a benefit dinner, and funds raised will be used to support the peace and human rights projects initiated by the person(s) honoured with the previous year's award.

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