Nuremberg Peace Table - a Citizens Festival in honour of the human rights prizewinners

2007 Peace Table

2015 Peace Table

The 2015 Peace Table takes place on the 29th of September around Kornmarkt. A varied cultural programme with music or discussions will expect you.

2013 Peace Table

The Peace Table this year was organised at 13.00-16.30 on the 29th of September. The traditional event took place from Hallplatz and Kornmarkt to the Dr. Kurt Schumacher Straße and along the Way of Human Rights.

2009 Peace Table

About 4,000 Nuremberg citizens from all parts of the population took a seat at a single long table. They ate, drank and celebrated together this special day for human rights. With their participation, they responded to a call of Lord Mayor Dr. Maly to give a clear signal of peace, for democracy in Iran and for solidarity with Abdolfattah Soltani.

2005 Peace Table

After the presentation of the 2005 Nuremberg International Human Rights Award, on September 25, 2005, the "Nuremberg Peace Table" took place on the Kornmarkt and in the Way of Human Rights.

2003 Peace Table

In 2003, the Peace Table was dedicated to India and Pakistan. About 3000 Nuremberg citizens made use of the opportunity to meet the awardees in person, to celebrate with them and to find out something about their home countries and their cultures – in discussions, readings, music and dance.

2001 Peace Table

The peace table in honour of Bishop Samuel Ruíz García was cancelled. Five days before, the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington had shocked the world.

1999 Peace Table

The "world's longest Peace Table" took place on 25th of September 1999 in the Nuremberg Old Town. With its 7.8 kilometres length the Peace Table 1999 made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

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