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Welcome to DIE BLAUE NACHT 2022

Dear visitors!

Bürgermeisterin Prof. Julia Lehner

A warm welcome to all our guests from abroad, too! “Imagination” is this year’s theme for our Long Night of Art and Culture. Join us for two evenings and experience Nuremberg’s varied cultural scene. Over 70 culture sites will open their doors for exhibitions, concerts, readings, activities to join, light art shows – something for everybody, big and small.

In the programme brochure, English language information is always in italics. And we have particularly marked programme items which can be enjoyed without knowledge of German. A warm thank-you to our main sponsors, NÜRNBERGER Versicherung and N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft for their loyal support over a long time, and a welcome to our new sponsor, ONLINEPRINTERS. I would also like to thank all new and all familiar supporters and art sponsors, all members of staff of the culture institutions involved, all artists, and last but not least the team of the Project Office.

Prof. Dr. Julia Lehner

City of Nuremberg Mayor in charge of culture

Burgprojektion Prusik-Lutz

Imagination - the Theme for 2022

Finally – after a break of two years – “Blue” will come back to our city. Streetlamps will cast blue light, shop windows will be “blued”, and all the cultural institutions involved will be marked by blue light as venues for DIE BLAUE NACHT. As ever, “Blue” is the backdrop to everything, this year with the theme of “Imagination”. Let’s all look forward to an inspiring and (hopefully) mild night of culture.


You will have the opportunity to experience all projects from the Blaue Nacht Art Competition in a preview on Friday from 8 p.m. to midnight. On Saturday, the core time for Blaue Nacht will be from 7 p.m. to midnight. Afterwards there will be Late Night Locations which will be open until the early hours of the morning.

BLAUE NACHT art competition and Audience Award

For the 2022 BLAUE NACHT art competition, 136 projects were submitted from countries from Japan to Brazil. An expert jury selected thirteen projects. On Friday, 6 May between 8 p.m. and midnight, you may get a preview of (exclusively) the art competition projects, and on Saturday, 7 May, you can experience the entire event of DIE BLAUE NACHT including the art competition projects (7 p.m. until midnight, plus Late Night afterwards). You can purchase tickets for Friday or Saturday or 2-day tickets. The competition projects are easy to recognise, in the programme they are marked with a little crown . You can find them on the “Blaue-Nacht-Kunstwettbewerb” (Art Competition) tour. Outdoor light installations will only start at nightfall around 8.30 p.m.

This is the tenth time that you, the audience, can decide about the Audience Award endowed with 5,000 Euros, by voting for your favourite art project. As a ticket holder, you can vote for projects online right then and there when you are viewing them or you can vote using the attached QR code on all event days. The winning project will be announced on 7 May, after midnight, for example on DIE BLAUE NACHT website.

You're a fan of DIE BLAUE NACHT?

Show it! Buy a Blinky to make the night sparkle and support next year’s event. Original Blinkys are sold exclusively at NÜRNBERGER booths on Richard-Wagner-Platz, Lorenzkirche and at Rathausplatz. Mobile sales teams will also be out and about in the City.

Tickets / box office

You can buy tickets at the advance sale or box office price online at reservix.de. Additional information about buying tickets and about discounts will be available at the Kultur Information, Königstraße 93 (Mon-Fri 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Sat, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and at all other ticket sales points.
On Friday, you may purchase tickets (day price) at the Kultur Information, Königstraße 93 (Fri 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ), or after 7.30 p.m. at the kiosk at Lorenzkirche. On Saturday, tickets will be sold at various kiosks throughout the inner city and online at reservix.de.

From ticket to bracelet

Every ticket purchased in the advance sales will be exchanged for a Blaue Nacht bracelet at the first venue you get to. The bracelet will remain your ticket for the entire Blaue Nacht and for using public transport. At the evening box offices on 6 and 7 May, you will immediately be issued with the bracelet (including VGN public transport). Please go to our website in advance to find out about the current hygiene regulations.

Your ticket as a transport ticket

All tickets are combination tickets! With a ticket for DIE BLAUE NACHT / a bracelet for
DIE BLAUE NACHT, you can get free of charge on all buses, trams and trains within the entire VGN area, and also get back home (6 and 7 May, from 3 a.m. until end of service, including NightLiner buses). A Print@home ticket will only become a combination ticket once it is personalised.

The Blaue Nacht Tickets and the Blaue Nacht bracelets are combination tickets for public transport, and they are valid entrance tickets for all programme items marked with the symbol , for journeys around the Old Town with the Blaue Nacht Bus Shuttle and for free entrance to the Late Night programmes.

Children and accompanying persons

Children under 15 may discover DIE BLAUE NACHT without a ticket, if they are accompanied by an adult. Please bring ID and remember that you will have to buy a public transport ticket for the children. For one person accompanying a disabled person (ID marked with “B”), entrance to Blaue Nacht is free.

Information pillars

In 2022 again, illuminated information pillars will act as landmarks for visitors during
DIE BLAUE NACHT. The pillars will be placed next to the works of art participating in the Blaue Nacht Art Competition and at important event locations, and they will provide interesting information about these events. In addition, the façades of all institutions involved in DIE BLAUE NACHT will be highlighted in blue.

Social media, films and photographs

Post your most fantastic impressions and follow DIE BLAUE NACHT on our social media
channels: Twitter (NuernbergKultur), Instagram (@projektbuerokultur_nbg) and Facebook (DIE BLAUE NACHT)!

Please note: all visitors to DIE BLAUE NACHT agree irrevocably that the organiser is entitled – without obligation to pay a fee – to have image and sound recordings of the events made for documentation and advertising purposes, and to duplicate, broadcast and use those recordings. These rights have no spatial or time limitations.


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